Bennett’s Septic Tanks are based in the Midlands, our experienced and professional team install and repair septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspits and the latest soakaway/drainage field systems for domestic and commercial customers in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. All our work is compliant with the latest environmental and building regulations requirements.

Our team will carefully plan and manage the whole project from design and planning to installation.

The installation of any system will vary due to the many possible permutations of the environment. From the sub soil make-up to the level of the water table, the topography of the land and the size of your household all make a big impact on the system that can be installed. There are a lot of different sewage treatment systems available on the market, each of with has its own strengths, we can advise on the right products for you.

Sewage Treatment Installation
Septic Tank Installation

Septic Tanks

In a septic tank waste is allowed to settle, so that the liquid and solid waste separates. The liquid waste is allowed to flow out into a natural filtration system to ensure that it is not polluting the environment, the solid waste needs to be removed.

There are numerous rules and regulations surrounding the installation of septic tanks, from where the tank can be situated, to where the waste water should go once it leaves the septic tank. It is no longer legal to discharge the waste water from a septic tank straight into a watercourse or ditch, it must go to a soakaway or drainage field.

If you need to install a new septic tank we can explain the process to you and ensure that the system is adequate to meet your needs as well as complying with all current regulations. We will also ensure that all relevant buildings regulations, planning permits and health and safety regulations are in place before works commence.


Cesspits are used solely for the storage of sewage and do not drain off to a soakaway system, they are a sealed tank that has to be regularly emptied. If you notice your cesspit is leaking this should be investigated as soon as possible, if it pollutes water supplies it is a criminal offence. Old cesspits should be inspected to ensure that they adhere to current legislation.

Sewage Treatment Plants

A sewage treatment plant differs from a septic tank in that it uses bacterial processes to break down waste and sewage. This leads to cleaner run off from te system than with simple septic settlement and the broken down solid waste takes up less space in the system, cutting the frequency of empyting.


If you start to experience problems with your septic tank such as, toilets not flushing properly, problems in the garden near the tank or nasty sells then it’s time to get the problem investigated. We can identify the problem and will recommend an appropriate solution.

Completed project
Completed project

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